For Parents/ Guardians

All U-46 Students are invited to participate in the U-46 Science Expo and may do so as individuals or in teams. Students may present original research or an activity/ project/ lab completed during their class. Please note that this event is meant to expose our students to one of the most important steps of the scientific method- sharing their research for “peer” review. So while your student will be asked deep questions about their project and provided feedback, we will  not be awarding prizes or placing students in a  ranking.

REMINDER: The U-46 STEM Expo is NOT a contest. The purpose of the Expo is to model one of the most important steps of the Scientific Method…”peer review” and “publishing”. So while it is true we will have people “judging” the projects it is not to rank projects but to provide feedback and to have students defend their research.

To register your student go to: