For Students


All u-46 students are invited to participate in the U-46 STEM Expo. You may register as an individual, with a partner or as a team. Your project can feature an original question you would like to answer OR you can also bring a science lab/ project you did during class. You can register by clicking this link

Participants will get a tri-fold board to organize your project so that you can present it on STEM Expo day and you will also get a t-shirt. We will have limited access to electricity so keep that in mind as you are putting your presentation together. If you absolutely need electricity we will do our best to accommodate you on the day of the event.

If your project is messy or poses a health/safety issue (like an erupting volcano,  an explosion or bacteria) you will need to think about your presentation. Please make sure you have documented the project via photo’s or a video. You will not be able to make a mess at the U-46 STEM Expo event.

Tips: Practice your presentation. Make sure it is your original work- it’s okay to get help but it is always obvious to the “judges” when a student did not do the work themselves. Before you start placing your research on your tri-fold board create a planning mock up to help you organize your thoughts. We can only give you one board.

REMINDER: The U-46 STEM Expo is NOT a contest. The purpose of the Expo is to model one of the most important steps of the Scientific Method…”peer review” and “publishing”. So while it is true we will have people “judging” the projects it is not to rank projects but to provide feedback and to have students defend their research.